The Memphis Sanitation Workers strike in 1968 created a true mass movement. It is one of the best examples of coalition work with labor, the church, civil rights activists, students, and citizens coming together. Standing together for the rights of a man to work with dignity and respect.  On March 18, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave an impassioned speech where he declared, “all labor has dignity”

The St.Louis Village of Smart & Secure Children Parent Mentoring Program of Morehouse School of Medicine and The Satcher Leadership Health Institute have created a MASS MOVEMENT for our CHILDREN’S HEALTH and WELLBEING. The 30% of our population that is 100% of our Future!  A movement that has helped SHINE THE LIGHT ON “OUR POWER and ABILITY” as PARENTS to foster SMART, SAFE, AND SECURE CHILDREN.

“We declare “all parents have dignity”.”


Join Healthy Kids & Teens as we celebrate our village at work and congratulate the 45 parents and children of the 2017 Fall Camp Get Fit and Smart & Secure Children Parent Mentoring Program in St. Louis, MO!