Camp Get Fit & Smart & Secure Children Parent Mentoring Program

The primary goal of the Camp Get Fit and Satcher Health Leadership Institute Smart and Secure Children Parent Mentoring Program (SSC/CGF) is to increase the knowledge and skills among parents while mirroring and teaching similar concepts to their children through the vehicle of CGF. The SSC/CGF family model was created to actively engage parents and children who experience disproportionate burden of disparities.


More specifically, the family model will:

  • Train and support parents to use quality parenting skills to increase their children’s age appropriate development, social-emotional well-being, school readiness, and reduce childhood obesity and mental health problems.
  • Inform and influence early childhood policy.
  • Give parents the knowledge and supportive tools to continue active stimulation and emotional development of their children.
  • Use Camp Get Fit to educate, motivate, and empower their children to establish healthy behaviors at an early age while having fun.
  • Increase peer motivation to establish healthy behaviors.
  • Provide safe and secure environment for active play for the children.