After School Program

Students are led through interactive physical activity sessions where they “move” for 30 to 60 minutes completing activities including, but not limited to, kickboxing, circuit training, dancing, strength training, and walking exercises.

In the 60 minute nutrition and health sessions, students will “role-play”, and learn the knowledge of how food fuels the body, and why proper daily food choices and daily exercise are key to meeting their own personal goals. Students role-play various real-life situations, such as how to make healthy food selections when eating in fast-food restaurants, at a friend’s house, or at family gatherings when the availability of healthier food options may be limited. Kid and teen tested and approved recipes are explored giving students realistic healthy food options to prepare at home. Students are versed on the psychological triggers (anxiety and depression), that often lead to unhealthy food consumption.

The HKT/CGF program framework provides the guidance needed to produce immediate, as well as future, health improvements for our students. The program is a preventative strategy for students who are within their medically accepted limits of BMI, as well as a concentrated effort to reach students that are overweight or obese.

The program format includes students who will:

  • Actively participate in all facets of the program, physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Receive interactive lecture and discussion from certified trainers and nutrition experts
  • Engage in peer interaction to motivate and encourage one another towards success
  • Personally identify with a curriculum specifically based on fitness, health and nutrition